Multiple Gensets’ Synchronization

Çoklu Jeneratör Senkronizasyonu

This type of solution is especially appropriate for facilities where demand power is over 800kVA or more and not affected by sudden cutouts in the case of mains de-energizing/re-energizing situations.

Furthermore, the investment cost of synchronized sets built up of two or more pieces may less than a single generator set over 800kVA.

In the events of most of the demand power is not needed (the power cutouts at weekends, long duration holidays, etc) the system ensures considerable savings on fuel, maintenance and spare parts.

In the system built up of multiple synchronized gensets, all units will run upon mains/utility cut even the power demand of facility is low and by master genset - which closes its breaker to dead-bar first- and the rest of the gensets that synchronize to the master one, loads become energized. System observes the quantity of load till the end of a user predetermined duration and decide how many units will still run according to again a user predetermined load level as percentage. If any set that does not needed in terms of power demand, the system disconnects them and ensures rest of the units continue to feed the load.

If a load demand which reaches an adjustable total gensets’ power reserve capacity occurs, the sets that are disconnected will start again till adequate power source has reached demanded by facility.

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