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Performance Tests

IDEA Generator makes its products subject to performance tests both as active (kW) and as reactive (kVAr) in line with the conditions specified in the TSE ISO 8528 standard, with the ¨Load Bank¨ in its structure. Hence, while the generator set is tested in very high precision (with 1kW steps), and the alternator can be tested with reactive load.

Thanks to this, the simulation of the user’s load in the enterprise is tested one to one on the factory conditions and bad surprises are not experienced in the field.

Power Detection

In spite of the fact that almost every enterprise is aware of the bill of the electricity power that it uses in a monthly basis, from time to time, it may not always have information about the features of the loads in its facility, periods of commissioning in and out and their concurrency.

Expert technical service and sales personnel of IDEA Generator makes on-site and accurate measurements and recommends the most convenient solution which is the need of the user.

Montage and Installation Supervising

In spite of the fact that the performance and long-term availability expected from the generators is thought to be limited to the specified quality standards of the products and production phases which are used, the total performance of the system is also directly with the installation and electric and mechanical connections of the generators in the field.

IDEA Generator renders consultancy and supervising for the installation, montage and commissioning for the fields in which its products will be used.

Please contact us before making a decision on the field conditions which can be considered difficult such as restricted usage area. 

7/24 Technical Support

The specialized technical teams of IDEA Generator, which makes the continuity of its products and services it renders its principle give service to you for 7/24 customer support. When an unexpected negative situation related to your product occurs, please contact us.

Spare Part

One of the features that makes IDEA Generator different in its sector is its principle to work with” stocks”. Within this scope, it keeps the spare parts of all the diesel generator types operated with stocks in its central warehouse.

Please contact us in order to get an offer with the product code.

After Sales Services

The length of a life cycle of a system is maintained with its reliability -that is the design and production phases of the system – and its continuity – that is the maintenances and rehabilitations that will be made afterwards in order that the system can survive.

With its widespread service network and fully equipped mobilizes service teams, IDEA Generator is available for your service for complex fault detection/elimination and maintenance.

Within the scope of the After Sales Services, IDEA has classified its services under two main headings as periodical maintenance with and without materials.

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